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NO RSVP necessary but to RSVP to the Valentine's Day Festivities and Opening Event at The SoHo Project Space Event. Just use the form below.

Simply let us know if you plan to attend and how many guests you'll be bringing!

Or, if your plans are uncertain, feel free to just show-up for the event.

Once again, the event is Tuesday February 13th, 2024 - 6-8PM

127 Prince Street, Unit B (basement level below The Marc Jacobs store on Prince St.- Gated stairwell to galleries.

Other info:

Inquiry and purchase request form below!

Refer to specific paintings described by; title, size, colors and/or site-page.

Prices are listed on each image. Some paintings are listed as "price on request"

Studio-gallery visits by appointment in the future. Studio-gallery visits by appointment.


As per your request. You may suggest or use your own shipper as long as they're experience with art.

• Shipping & packing costs vary and are 100% additional to the cost of the art. This is not negotiable. Getting accurate shipping quotes may take a few days depending on the project.

• Pricing is based on a variety of factors: Size, cost of materials (some work has many components), complexity/labor intensity, time involved in fabricating a piece of art and also the popular appeal of specific paintings. Lastly the overall cost of keeping a functioning art studio must be taken into consideration when collecting an artist's work. I try to price my art work consistently though at this time (in 2020) generally I've kept my prices lower than normally they might be to try to encourage people to collect even in challenging times. If you want to negotiate, or arrange a payment plan, I'm open to possibilities on certain art work.

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• Paintings over $800 are guaranteed satisfaction and can be returned for a full refund in pristine condition within 30 days of purchase without any specific reason required to make a return or exchange.

• In the event of a return; Shipping & packing costs however are 100% nonrefundable and return shipping & packing costs will also be charged 100% to the purchaser in order for the satisfaction guarantee to be honored. The return shipping methods are subject to the artists approval.

No one has ever requested

a return in the many years I've been selling art!

Additional paintings are available which are not currently presented on the site. Inquiries welcome.