Reliable, Convenient Shipping & Handling at Reasonable Costs. 

To Anywhere in the World! 100% Client Satisfaction! 

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Shipping and handling is fast, reliable, easy and convenient. 

Here's what you need to know. Any shipping costs of art purchased from this website can be estimated immediately, same day as any art price inquiries, but final shipping costs may vary depending on actual size and weight of the particular piece of art - the crate/packing. A firm, exact shipping cost quote may take between one to three business days. My shipping and handling is reliable and I pass on all related costs directly to my client without any mark-up. I've had 100% client satisfaction with all shipping and art purchases! As well as any framing consultation.

All panels, oil paintings and works on heavy paper must be packed/crated flat and can not be rolled.

Alternatively, your art purchases may be picked up at the studio by appointment. Or you may choose to make your own packing, crating and shipping arrangements.


Oil Paintings, Gouache Paintings and other works on paper should not be displayed in direct sunlight at all. Works on paper require framing and glass or acrylic with UV protection. Non-glare glass or acrylic is sometimes optimal, especially on some art with darker colors. 

• UV protection is a MUST. 

• PH Neutral Mattes, front and behind are also a MUST

Framed pieces must use UV Protection glass or acrylic and professional-archival materials. Which means PH Neutral both on the front and back pieces of the matting and any other materials used to secure artwork in the frame. This will insure your art works will last for generations and retain the brilliant color without fading, discoloration or deterioration of the art substrates (paper) from non-ph-neutral acids that are found in only slightly cheaper NON-archival matting or framing materials. All paintings should be handled with cotton gloves and the front surfaces should not be touched with hands. Oil paintings are fairly resilient but works on paper are especially delicate until they are protected by a frame/glass. 

My oil paintings on linen or panels do not require framing as they are modern art and look wonderful hung on your wall without a frame. However many clients have chosen to frame their art collections and the paintings look great framed as well. Works on paper all require framing.

Scott Cousins Art Studio offers framing consultation, recommendations or can do the framing for you at an extra cost. Including frame choices and design consultation. We're happy to discuss any details and feel free to contact us through the "Contact & Inquiries" page. I've had 100% client satisfaction with all framing projects. I only work on framing art purchased from this website however.


Oil paintings do not really require glass (or framing) though, glass can protect them over the years from any pollutants in the atmosphere, such as any dust or smoke. For this reason, it is not recommended to hang paintings over working fireplaces unless they are glass covered or the fireplace is very modern and completely properly vented appliance and even then the art should be hung well above and back if possible. 

High quality art should not be displayed in kitchen areas or bathroom areas at all, as fumes and moisture WILL quickly damage the delicate surfaces. Never hang oil paintings or art works on paper where they are exposed to radical temperature changes or moisture.

Paintings should absolutely not be in direct sunlight as the fantastic pigments will quickly fade. If they are in the right light, the color will last for a millennia! Artificial lighting such as accent lights are very desirable and will make the color really stand out! This is great when entertaining and for dinner parties.

Cleaning an oil painting or conservation of a damaged painting, such as from moisture damage or trauma, should always be done by a reputable art conservator with credentials. The oil used in oil paint is poppy seed and linseed oil. The oil paint surfaces are for viewing and delicate should not be touched or cleaned except by professionals. Or you may inquire with me about the above. I do not accept unrelated conservation projects. Feel free to contact me if you ever feel your painting needs a surface checkup.

Looking forward to hearing from you! I hope this information sheet gives you confidence in the client service my studio guarantees. -- My business references and client reviews are available on request to qualified, new collectors making a first serious inquiry about, not only visiting my gallery and seeing my art, which is so very welcome, but also purchasing art.

Thank you! - Scott Cousins art studio

[• Please note: This website is the art studio & gallery of the artist Scott Cousins. Curiously, there's an "art handler-shipper" with the same name. That's a separate entity/business. I do not have any connection to that other shipping-only business. My gallery only handles art shipping of items purchased from my art studio--this website you're now viewing. Please, do not call my gallery with non-gallery-related shipping inquiries. Thank you so much for your consideration! Apologies for any confusion or inconvenience. I've gotten numerous calls for the other business through the years. haha]